Girl power in Sherlock drama is elementary dear, says Natalie Dormer

Lara Pulver’s nude scene with Benedict Cumberbatch has become one of Sherlock’s most-talked-about moments.

Natalie Dormer, who has been cast in the same role as Pulver, Irene Adler, in Elementary, an American rival to the BBC series, says she is, however, undaunted.

“They’re two very different works,” the 31-year-old actress tells Mandrake at the Nicholas Oakwell Couture presentation at Claridge’s in Mayfair.

“I wasn’t worried about comparisons. I didn’t audition: they asked me to do it, which gave me a lot of confidence.”

Dormer, 31, who played Anne Boleyn in The Tudors, says of Pulver’s unclothed scene: “We didn’t go down that route; its a different interpretation. With Lucy Liu as Watson, it is a very female-empowering show."


Elementary is not an American rival to the BBC series though.