Fantasia says people should stop insulting Rachel Jeantel, teen witness in Trayvon Martin case

Fantasia took to instagram tonight to vent her frustration about the horrible things being said about Rachel Jeantel's, the teen witness in the George Zimmerman trial, illiteracy. Fantasia posted the following photo and caption:

Sad that an innocent young man lost his life at the hands of another man, and here it is someone doing what they can for justice and she's being crucified. Worst part of it all, mostly by her own people. Please stop the hate people, I've dealt with this type of hate far too long, to the point I'm numb to it but this young lady deserves better than what we deal with as celebrities. She is doing a deed in support of justice for Trayvon, give her a little more respect. To make it easy, if you can't say anything positive, don't say anything at all. #justiceforTrayvon