Chris Brown in trouble AGAIN (Charged with Hit & Run). Can face 4 years in prison!

Chris Brown is in deep trouble this time. He's also currently going off on twitter at the moment because he believes he's being falsely charged of a HIT & RUN.

"Chris Brown has been charged with criminal hit-and-run ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned the L.A. City Attorney has filed 2 criminal charges against Brown, in connection with a minor accident last month where Chris rear-ended a Mercedes and allegedly refused to fork over his driver's license number and gave bogus insurance info and then left the scene.

The City Attorney has charged Chris with hit-and-run -- for leaving the scene without exchanging proper information. He's also been charged with the crime of driving without a valid license. The crimes are punishable by a maximum of 6 months in jail for each offense.

We've also learned the City Attorney will refer the matter to the L.A. County D.A. for a possible probation violation in the Rihanna beating case. Worst case scenario -- if the judge in that case concludes Chris broke the law and thereby violated his probation, he could be sentenced to prison for 4 years."

UPDATE: (Chris Brown is currently updating his twitter page. I will post as he continues to update)

He just can't catch a break.