Gaza singer Mohammed Assaf wins Arab Idol contest

Celebrations have erupted across the Palestinian territories at news that a wedding singer from the Gaza Strip has won the Arab Idol talent TV show.

Mohammed Assaf, 23, was a virtual unknown until a few weeks ago but has now become a local hero.

The contest, held in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, was watched by millions across the region.

Fireworks were being set off in Gaza City and East Jerusalem as revellers thronged the streets.

This is the reaction of one of the main cities in Palestine.

It was such an amazing night! This is a photo to give you an idea of the celebration!


So proud of him. Palestine went crazy the night he won because he really deserved it. I'm so glad I was alive to be a part of this night. This is so much more than just a good singing competition, he was able to put a smile on this country's face for the first time since the Israeli occupation.