I don't necessarily see it as being a homophonic/misogynist thing to insult someone with a suck my dick joke.

The act in itself isn't homophobic/misogynistic depending on context. And it's not like the implication is that sucking a dick = makes you woman/gay = insulting.

It's the implication that the user of the phrase is dominant and superior to the recipient, irrespective of their gender/sexuality.

Or well, that's how I see the insult being used. Straight men can suck dick too so I don't just associate the insult being used to feminise or gay-ify the recipient, and in turn implying that being gay or female is inferior because they suck dick.

Maybe if he said cocksucker I'd see the homophobia/misogyny behind it... or maybe I'm rambling and way off the mark. Like, I have a point I can see in my head that I don't think I'm articulating well. I hope I don't get dragged for this.