ONTD's fave TILDA SWINTON werqs a white menswear suit in the woods, y'all...


TILDA SWINTON has made a short film in collaboration with in collaboration with Savile Row menswear designer, Timothy Everett.


FINDHORN is a short film by Johnnie Shand Kydd that captures the essence of bespoke and its effects on the wearer. It is a conceptual exploration into two crafts at the opposite side of the spectrum brought together for the first time and realised in a two-piece garment. Drawing parallels between the shapes and forms of TILDA SWINTON’s local landscape, the viewer sees exaggerated movements echoing the shapes a bespoke client experiences during the fitting process. In search of the perfect tattoo, white on white becomes a key theme.


Wearing a deconstructed jacket and trouser fashioned from the purest white wool, the subtle luminosity and fluidity of the cloth is juxtaposed against brightly billowing scarves and bleached out-sand dunes. Over obvious basting stitches draw attention to the processes used in bespoke. The film is supported by MAC Cosmetics. You can watch the video of the short film below:

( Bonus material for Spring/Summer 2014 menswear trends )


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Fashion post! What are you gonna be wearing for this summer, ONTD?