English Version Character Wallpapers + English HD International Trailer for "Snowpiercer"

Chris Evans as CURTIS

Snowpiercer 01 - Curtis


Snowpiercer 02 - Namgoong Minsu

Ed Harris as WILFORD

Snowpiercer 03 - Wilford

John Hurt as GILLIAM

Snowpiercer 04 - Gilliam

Tilda Swinton as MASON

Snowpiercer 05 - Mason

Jamie Bell as EDGAR

Snowpiercer 06 - Edgar

Octavia Spencer as TANYA

Snowpiercer 07 - Tanya

Ewen Bremner as ANDREW

Snowpiercer 08 - Andrew

Go Ah-Sung as YONA

Snowpiercer 09 - Yona

BONUS: Detailed section map of the Snowpiercer (go to the source below for a clearer overview)

Snowpiercer 10 - Train Section Map

HD International Trailer for "Snowpiercer" (with English captions)

( Trailer Source )

( Image Source )

Mods, the wallpapers posted are screencaps done by me since I haven't seen any news site post the photos up as of this post's writing, but the images can be viewed on the film's official website. Very minimal information featured so far on the website, but the Train Info section is quite informative as to the segregation of the Snowpiercer's passengers and the different areas the train has. Praying to Jaysus this one gets approved by a gracious ONTD mod because the last few submissions I did in the past few days were super rejected.