A government investigation launched + A fatwa declared over a baby that may or may not exist.

Mumbai, June 19: A fatwa has been issued against Shahrukh Khan by Markazi Darul Ifta Dargah Al Hazrat for his violation of Sharia laws. He is being blamed for hiring a surrogate mother to get a child, and pre-birth sex determination of the child.

Shah Rukh Khan might have kept mum on his surrogate child issue so far. He has also not even spoken a word about the baby in public, but King Khan had to break his silence to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Wednesday.

Reportedly, he spoke to the BMC officials on the phone and answered their queries relating to his surrogate child who is due in July.

Brihanmumbai Municial Corporation officials had visited SRK’s home on June 17, inquiring about the rumoured pre-birth sex determination of his surrogate child, following complaints by a Mumbai NGO as well as radiologists. But they could not meet Shah Rukh Khan, as the actor was not at home.

But the very next day, Khan spoke to them on the phone. In the telephonic conversation with one of the BMC officers, SRK clarified their doubts of sex-determination, confirming that he got no surrogacy test done and that all that has been reported about him fathering a baby boy are false.

Ugh. Sex determination is illegal in India, but there is no proof that he had one done. An internet blind item turned into this…smh.

Sorry. To clarify: A blind item claimed that he and his wife were having a baby boy through surrogacy. So, a government investigation was launched because sex determination is illegal in India (and technically, he shouldn’t know it is a boy).

And fatwa was declared because surrogacy is considered against Islam.

But he hasn’t confirmed anything. It all came from a blind item, an ‘insider’ report and media speculation.