Queen Natalie Dormer sat down with GoldDerby for 40 minutes of perfection

Natalie Dormer talks 'Game of Thrones'

This is a long as fuck interview, so I obvs don't expect ya'll to sit and watch the whole thing (even tho you totally should because she gets SO PASSIONATE about this character, it's really amazing to see). So me being me, I watched the whole thing for you and summarized it below. Lol. Here's the tl;dr summary:

- Talks about being apprehensive about initially taking the role of Maragaery since the character seemed so comparable to Anna Boleyn; D&D assuaged her concerns, and she took the role

- Compares Margaery's style of playing the game of thrones to a modern politician's use of PR

- Does not see Margaery's PR tactics as mutually exclusive from her genuinely caring about the well-being of the common people

- Tried to play Margaery as genuine as possible and as truly believing that she can make Westeros a better place

- Talks about the infamous crossbow scene with Joffery and how that was the first scene that she did with Jack

- Interviewer brings up a fan question asking if Margaery genuinely loves Joffrey, and Natalie just cackles in response lol

- Stans Dame Diana Rigg hardcore (everything from her being a Tony-winning actress to her work in the late 60s feminist movement) and talks about "having a glass of wine and a gossip" with her

- Talks about the parallel between what was going on on-screen with Olenna/Margaery/Sansa and the passing down of actorly wisdom between Diana, herself, and Sophie (she seems to really view Sophie as a little sister and it's really cute)

- On the complex female characters on the show:

"I think a show that is so full, not just one or two, full of three-dimensional fleshed out, human women that rival the men in their psychological complexity- you know that is sadly and unnecessarily rare within the entertainment industry. It's more rare than we would wish. We seem to be almost behind in our story telling in reflection of the modern day world and other areas and industry and business. And so to have all these wonderfully strong, complex women is just wonderful, and I love the way the writers aren't scared of it and they embrace it. And yeah, there's nudity and there's stuff like that, but there's nudity and sex scenes for the boys as much as for the girls, so there's even an equality on that front."

(I obvs disagree with the last bit of what she said because no, but I do love that she so frequently talks about women characters and the importance for her, personally, to play these very complex characters to the very fullest because she knows how rare it is, and how sad it is that it is so rare.)

- Calls herself a "fangirl" of the show and wishes she could work with everyone since she works with such a limited group of people in a very large cast

- Was in Madrid for the Red Wedding episode and watched it at a festival with an audience

- Hasn't read the books, but knows "the bullet points" for what GRRM has written for Margaery so far

- "Margaery's going to die of hypothermia if her dresses get any lower. She's just going to die of tuberculosis." LMAO

- Asked what she would submit in the event she is nominated for an Emmy, she mentions the crossbow scene with Jack and some Croatia scenes with Sophie, but she hasn't really given it much thought

- Talks about how impressed she is by the fans and the online presence the show has; mentions watching the Red Wedding reaction vids

- Lightening round of questions: if Margaery can't rule, then Dany should rule because if Marg met Dany she'd like her; she would swap characters with Nikolaj (spends time with Nikolaj because they have the same publicist and is really good friends with Gwendonline Christie bless)

- Is asked what body part she would want chopped off a la Jaime and says "Is that Joffery online? What a perverse question" lol

- She's a big poker player, apparently. So fabulous.

- The last thing she says is that she had a costume fitting earlier and "maybe I'm getting dressed for an important event" (YYYAAAASSSSSSS)

Thank you to kitfah for bringing this to my attention. :) And I can't reiterate enough about how great it is just watching her get so worked up talking about Margaery and her intentions and the psychology of this character, etc.