Ian Somerhalder might be dating Malese Jow.

Slowly but surely the truth always manages to come out, doesn’t it? The Vampire Diaries fans have watched their beloved Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s relationship totally crumble over the last five months with little explanation. Not that the general public really deserves an explanation, but of course the curiosity factor has been huge and if you’ve kept an eye on Nina Dobrev’s Twitter there have been plenty of clues as to the real situation. Back in April Celeb Dirty Laundry was the first to give you tweets from Nina looking for an apology and it was pretty obvious at the time that she had been wronged or cheated on by her former flame. Since then we have seen Ian step out with a series of random chicks while Nina is still taking care of herself rather than jumping back into the dating game. The real story has a way of eventually seeping out and that’s kind of what happened when Ian and his TVD co-star, Malese Jow showed up together in Germany for BloodyCon 2013. Sure they could simply be good friends and all but the PDA was a bit extreme and the Instagram photos look a little too cozy. If that didn’t raise enough eyebrows then maybe Malese Tweeting her undying love for Ian kind of sealed the deal.

Is Malese what came between Ian and Nina? Some of the photos that popped up sure make them look a whole lot closer than coworkers. Also if Ian cheated with a co-star that might explain why everyone refused to comment on the status of things until the season wrapped up. Dating a costar is one thing but banging a side dish that you also work with equals a whole lot of negativity, don’t you think?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev seem to be moving on and happy as it's rumored that Somerhalder may be getting a new girlfriend already.

According to Perez Hilton, the 34-year-old sexy "The Vampire Diaries" actor and Christian Grey contender was pictured getting cozy to costar Malese Jow, who plays Anna in the popular CW series. Jow posted the pic on her Instagram account.

"Don't see this guy as often as I'd like to! Love you to death, Ian," Jow captioned the picture.

Both were at the 2013 BloodyCon "Vampire Diaries" panel in Germany recently, alongside other CW cast members.

The media, including The Hollywood Gossip, started to speculate that Jow could be Somerhalder's next girlfriend after the beautiful 24-year-old Nina Dobrev.

The split was announced in the beginning of May after dating for three years, which the Daily Mail, said friends believe it was because of the 10-year age gap between them and that Somerhalder was ready for marriage but Dobrev wasn't.

Both have kept quiet on Twitter, not posting anything about their relationship status.

Somerhalder's Twitter account was hacked into on Fri June 14 and his fans helped him find the hacker.

"@fpt you are an ass my friend. Get out of my acct," Somerhalder tweeted to the culprit.

Then a few hours, the Damon actor posted a screenshot of his iPhone of his conversation he had with the hacker via Twitter direct message, E! Online reported.

Somerhalder posted this screenshot of his convo with the hacker.
"From my twitter account hacker.Was just having some fun he/she said.Now back to work-filming today;)," Somerhalder captioned the pic on Instagram.

Dobrev, on the other hand, is on vacation in Maui.

The Elena actress was spotted in Maui in a "possible solo vacay where she kept it casual and, as always, cute," Perez Hilton said.

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