Baby Kimye name!

Klementine Star West:

It’s getting close to midnight, the end of Day 2 or maybe we can call this Day 3 of the Kim and Kanye Baby Name Watch. You know they’re not going to announce the name tonight, because most sane journalists are already asleep.

We’ll find out the name of the newborn daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the morning, according to “informed sources.” But it’s said to start with the tradtional Kardashian K.

Elisabeth Wilborn over at You Can’t Call It It thinks the newborn baby’s name might be Klementine Star, based on the fact that the domains and had been registered.

Kanye has a song entitled Mercy. The cat Kanye gave Kim was called Mercy. Clementine (sic) means “mercy”, so this may be an important sentiment to him.

Kai Georgia Donda West:

“Kai Georgia Donda West has been mentioned,” according to a family insider. We’re so excited for the new parents and we think this is a great name. It starts with a K, has Donda in there and is a nod to where Kanye was born! It could also be because Kim’s dad Robert Kardashian‘s middle name was George!

klementine star is cute, but i am nhft because clementine has been my all-time favourite name for years and no doubt there will be an even bigger influx of clementine's now. D:
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