Iggy Azalea Talks Fashion + How She Got Her Stage Name + Friendship With Rita Ora

Iggy Azalea says Italian designers make the best printed outfits.

Iggy Azalea loves "manic prints".

The 23-year-old hip hop star is known for her bright, skimpy ensembles on stage.

The Australian singer likes wearing revealing outfits because they keep her cool during a high-energy performance.

"I love manic prints by Dolce & Gabbana and Cavalli; Italians made that sh*t up," Iggy told UK magazine Marie Claire.

"During festival season I'll be wearing shorts. People think it's because I want them to look at my butt, but it's so I can move around more easily. It's hot as hell on stage - I'd be up there in a swimsuit if I could."

Iggy is friends with trendsetter Rita Ora, who she confirmed will feature on her upcoming debut album The New Classic, set for release later this year. Both young chart toppers have similar striking street styles, and unique names. It was her desire to get a name necklace that lead to Iggy becoming her stage name, as her real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

"My real name is Amethyst. Years back I went to have a gold nameplate necklace made, but I didn't have enough money for the whole thing, so I chose Iggy, which was my dog's name who'd just been put down," she revealed. "People just assumed it was my name."

The outspoken artist broke away from her quiet country upbringing in order to make it in music. The rebellious star even moved overseas as a young teenager to get her big break.

"Seven years ago I told my parents I was going on holiday to LA. I was 16, isolated in rural Australia with no friends," she shared. "I had this dream of being a rapper, but it drove me crazy to be stuck in a country where I couldn't make it happen."

"Rita Ora and I are kindred spirits," Iggy revealed to the UK edition of Marie Claire magazine. "She gets such a bad rep, but she's misunderstood. I feel like I am, too, so we connected. When 'Rita Wh*ra' was trending on Twitter, I told her, 'It makes you badass. Just hashtag it yourself and be like 'F**k you, guys.'"

The smart-talking Australian star is looking forward to seeing what people make of her upcoming record. Being a female rapper is unusual, but she has ensured she's stuck to her beliefs when laying down the tracks.

"My album is crass, ridiculous and vulnerable," she described. "I met with the president of Capitol Records, who said, 'Ten years ago I could have told you a million ways to be a megastar, but I can't anymore because we don't know what's going to sell'. But for me it's amazing, it means more room for organic ideas and cool girls to break through."