Justin Bieber’s Makeup Artist Reveals His Skincare Regimen

It is no secret that Justin Bieber, 19, has a face that is fancied by many around the world, but could that lovely face of his have a little help from some makeup? Kirsti van Zyl was Justin’s makeup artist in South Africa and she is dishing about his beauty look! Read below to see what she said!

The Biebs was in South Africa last month performing a concert at the Cape Town Stadium. While he was there, we discovered a little secret of his — he wears makeup!

Apparently, JB wears makeup to make his skin more beautiful for his fans and for photographs. Not only does he wear face makeup, but he was also spotted wearing brow gel to make his brows more defined and groomed. You can get his beautiful brow look by using Anastasia Beauty Tinted Brow Gel!

The makeup artist who worked with him before the show, Kirsti van Zyl, comments on his beauty look, saying:

“He had beautiful skin. I literally only used concealer under his eyes and a bit of powder for glow. It was pretty standard. It was the experience of a lifetime, I was so lucky. People do take me more seriously when they hear this.”

What do YOU think about Justin wearing makeup? Is it perfectly normal for a celebrity being photographed?


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