First Look: The Real’ Talk Show With Tamera Mowry-Housley, Tamar Braxton And Adrienne Bailon

Tamar, Tamera & Loni Love Talk Interracial Love On “The Real”


 What do you get when you pair Tamar Braxton up with actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, TV personality Adrienne Bailon, comedian Loni Love and fashion expert Jeannie Mai? You get a more diverse, hip and younger version of The View. Hello!

Meet the cast and catch the preview under the cut.
On July 15, a new roundtable style show titled The Real will make it’s debut on Fox affiliate stations and it will feature the five busy career ladies dishing on everything from the latest celeb gossip to their views on love, sex and relationships. Basically the girls will be chatting about all the things we love to talk about during after work happy hours and visits to the salon.

A teaser of the new show has hit the net, and it shows the girls sharing fun tidbits, such as Tamera’s revelation that she dated actor Seth MacFarlane for a day:
"I dated Seth MacFarlane for a day. He loves black girls and I’m the reason why! Once you go black you never go back!"

There are other relatable topics that are covered, such as Jeannie Mai having to schedule time to have sex with her hubby because of her busy career, and of course, with such a diverse cast, the topic will venture into race. At one point in the panel, Jeannie asks Tamar why she would be mad at a black man for dating outside of his race and Tamar’s response was:

Because I was bitter as hell! When you are in that space, especially when you like a guy, and he got a little interracial relationship going on, you start feeling a certain type of way towards those women. Maybe my self esteem wasn’t where it was supposed to be.”


Overall, the cast is very diverse and seems to have great chemistry. Three of the girls are married and two are single.

Tamera’s selling point of the show was:
The greatest thing about America is it’s diversity. This show reflects that diversity. No matter who you are, there is someone at this table that will be speaking for you.

Each of the women have their own unique perspective and share why they’re so excited about participating in the show.

The show which is supposed to debut Monday, July 15, is said to bring a younger, more diverse perspective to the issues the older, daytime ladies only gloss over. The ladies even cover interracial relationships. A topic of particular interest considering Tamera is in an interracial relationship.

"I love old school ways, I love to be traditional."

As she explains the struggles and the side eyes she and her husband sometimes get, Tamar explains that there was a time when she viewed black men dating white women a certain way.

"It's just hard to kinda sugarcoat how I feel about things."

Tamar: A lot of people think, because they see me on ‘Braxton Family Values’ as the youngest of five sisters, that I’m this brat and I’m just spoiled, but on this show I get to be a woman. I get to give you my real opinion about life, about pop culture, and finally be identified as just a regular lady.

"Some of us remain single (raises her hand)."

Comedienne Loni Love, a native of Detroit, is a regular guest on “Chelsea Lately” and “The Smoking Gun Presents: The World’s Dumbest” speaks about the show is going to be used to help the ladies discover themselves: The five of us, we are still trying to figure out our lives…What people are going to find out about me from this show is that I used to be an engineer, I was raised in the Brewster projects, I became an entertainer, and I am still discovering myself.

"It's so crazy that there's an entire demographic that we aren't reaching."

Adrienne Bailon, the Latina star of Disney’s Cheetah Girls had this to say. We are Latino Americans, we are mainstream, we speak English, and we want to be able to watch English language television that still represents us.

"I'm excited to be on a show where you can actually see women say what they're thinking."

Jeannie Mai a media personality best known for her hosting job on the show “How Do I Look?” had this to say about challenging Asian stereotypes. You know what really bothers me, the fact that there are so many Asian stereotypes that nobody has stepped forward to break…I have an amazing driving record, I haven’t had a ticket in the last five years, I can’t play the violin to save my life nor the keyboard, I suck at math and I’m proud…So how do you like them wontons?

Take a look at the preview of the show:

The show will air on FOX stations, July 15, in the following cities during the following times.
New York WNYW FOX5 at 12:00pm
Los Angeles KTTV FOX11 at 1:00pm
Washington D.C. WTTG FOX5 at 11:00am
Philadelphia WTXF FOX29 at 11:00am
Phoenix KSAZ FOX10 at 1:00pm
Houston KRIV FOX26 at 1:00pm
Tampa WTVT FOX13 at 1:00pm -

Will you be watching?

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I can relate to Tamera's comments about people's reactions to her interracial relationship but can we please retire "Once you go black you never go back!" facepalm
1. It's a lie. 2. It screams insecurity. 3. It has problematic implications.

get yo life girl u betta