Jessie J shows off post-show makeup remains

Picture the scene. You've loaded your makeup for a stay-put look. Had a few vinos, shimmied on the dance floor, ripped off your heels before diving in a taxi and then, you get home and make the fatal mistake of looking in the mirror.
Yeah, Jessie J knows that feeling too.
After working bright and bold red lips, heavy eye makeup and a whole load of blusher to perform at the Capital Summertime Ball, Jessie shared a close up of her face post-show.
what even this article is exaggerating she doesn't even look bad
She may not have hit the wine, but she sure did get her dance on, sing her heart out and work up a sweat.
The result? Red lips became 90s style liner and her face (like ours) had that, erm, healthy sweat glow you get after belting Beyoncé like it's the last karoke sesh you'll ever play.

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