Solange Talks Balancing Motherhood And Natural hair

On her decision to move to New York: “You know, my parents are here, my sister is here, my cousin is here, all my friends are here. We really wanted Julez to have the experience that we had growing up—being able to drop in on his aunt’s house and being able to hang out with Grandma and see our friends and have that experience of actually having a soccer game and having family show up.”

On her connection to New York City: “I’m still a newcomer here, but I feel like because my family moved to New York when I was 17, that I have a longer and deeper connection. And I think about the times when I would come and visit them, and I would always spend a lot of time in Brooklyn. So it feels like an extension of me, living here, because I spent so much time here before.”

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5 Natural Hair Tips From Solange’s Hairstylist, Chuck Amos

Avoid frizzing with cream and oils: “Cream to penetrate into the hair and give it its nutrients and moisture, and an oil that will lay on top and protect the hair from the harsh elements of the day.”

Let your curls relax: “Solange has such great natural hair and she takes very good care of it! She travels so much that she has a few key things she does, like wrapping her hair in a silk scarf. She also keeps it braided down and uses various products according to the climate. Carol’s Daughter makes a lot of great moisture whips, greases and putties that she uses on and off.”

Check the fabrics you’re wearing to avoid breakage: “If you choose to wear cotton blouses, or other fabrics that are not silk or satin, don’t lay your hair on your shoulders during summer days. Why? Clothing will absorb all of your hair’s moisture and cause the sun to break the ends of your hair. Updos and ponytails are crucial for this. Another technique to prevent hair from breaking is to use products with UV protection and sunscreen to protect from damaging rays.”

Avoid chlorine-filled pools to maintain you color-treated hair: “Swimming in chlorine and bleached-filled pools– especially during the daytime– will fade your hair color. Again, this is where UV protection and sunscreen come in. And when washing hair during summer months, it is best to just rinse with water and not use shampoo, to prevent dulling that gorgeous color. A small amount of conditioner is fine.”

And for those of you rockin’ a weave: “Avoid matted hair by using less tracks at the nape of your neck when weaving. You can also thin out your wefts with thinning shears. Worse come worse, updos and ponytails are quick solutions.”

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