‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Isaac Reveals A Deadly Surprise

Plus, an intense battle turns into an unexpected family reunion.

Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) almost got lucky on the June 10 episode of Teen Wolf – his uneasiness over the extra-large condoms was priceless – but things quickly turned south when his lady friend was kidnapped, and he was the last person to see her alive. First times are always messy like that.

But if you thought that was going to be the worst thing that happened this week, you clearly need a refresher on just how twisted this show can be.

The Great Werewolf Caper

The gang tapped into Isaac’s memory — which, of course, required a healthy dose of shirtless torture — and learned that Boyd was being held in the basement of an abandoned bank. We also learned that Erica (Gage Golightly) might be dead, but considering MTV tweeted this picture of her on set, I’m thinking she’s actually pretty alive.

Any-howl, with a little help from Stiles and Peter (Ian Bohen) — who have incredible comedic chemistry, by the way — the pack plotted a daring rescue, eventually liberating Boyd and his fellow crazed prisoner. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night came when we learned that the other wolf in question, Cora (Adelaide Kane), is actually Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) presumed-dead sister!

Allison (Crystal Reed) ended up saving Scott (Tyler Posey) and Derek’s lives in the fray, though Captain Eyebrows didn’t seem to want her help. Of course, I’m thinking he’d better change his tune; we’ve all seen what that girl can do with a bow and arrow.

Lydia (Holland Roden) didn’t do much this week, but the episode did end with her waking up and screaming — so I guess she’s still having those super-fun nightmares!

Other Bites Worth Discussing

** It was revealed this week that one of the Alpha twins — either Aiden (Max Carver) or Ethan (Charlie Carver), I’m not sure which — is gay, and he’s got a thing for Danny (Keahu Kahuanui)! Is it possible Danny will actually have a storyline this season? Now that would be a twist!

** Speaking of manly pairings, did anyone else catch that ‘Sterek’ moment when Stiles asked “big guy” Derek to hit him? That was just playful enough to be a wink-nod to the fans, and I didn’t mind it one bit.

** Oh, and did I mention Ms. Morell (Bianca Lawson) is working for the bad guys? I was so happy to see her pop up this season, but so disappointed to learn that she’s basically Deucalion’s (Gideon Emery) seeing eye dog.


Liked this episode (minus a few bits). And rme at them ending the episode with Lydia screaming again.