The 12th Doctor to be named on Saturday? (08 June 2013)

Earlier this evening Starburst broke an interesting story with relation to the 12th Doctor Who. According to the magazine the BBC will most likely be announcing the name of the new Doctor Who tomorrow evening.

It has been reported that a Tabloid newspaper had obtained the identity of the mysterious actor, who will be taking over from Matt Smith, which has inadvertently forced the BBC to announce the chosen actor who will continue the adventures in time and space much earlier than planned.

Apparently a photo shoot for the 12th Doctor has already happened.

Added to this report from Starburst are the names of three actors who the magazine believe to be the strongest contenders for the role and interestingly none of them are among the names that SkyBets were running earlier in the week.

The first name that Starburst have come up with is Domhnall Gleeson, who is the son of Brendan Gleeson, Domhnall is familiar to Harry Potter fans as Bill Weasley, older brother of Ron. he also recently appeared as Ash in Channel 4′s Black Mirror: Be Right Back.

The second new name that Starburst have come up with is Daniel Kaluuya who is perhaps best known for his roles in Psychoville and The Fades, but also played the part of Barclay in Doctor Who: Planet of The Dead.

If indeed the role winds up going to Daniel Kaluuya it will be the second time that an actor has gone onto to play the Doctor after having appeared in the series in another role before doing so. The first time of course was with Colin Baker, and we all know how well that turned out.

The third name on Starburst list is Dominic Cooper, who at present is filming Captain America: The Winter Soldier but was previously seen in The History Boys, Mamma Mia and Fleming.

You can get the full Starburst report by clicking here!

As a fan of both the new Doctor Who series and the classic series I can only hope that Steven Moffat and the team come up with a newer regeneration effect to what has been used with the 9th, 10th and 11th incarnations. My reason being is that back in the day it always felt like more of an occasion when the Doctor’s regeneration was different each time.

Of course the above news story could wind up being totally bogus, but I thought it to be a rather fun thing to get in on the speculation regarding who will next get to pilot the Tardis, and we’ll continue to update you all as and when more information becomes available. So stay tuned.