15 White Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Raising Black Children

Race relations may be doing better than any of us think. We bet you'd be surprised to find out just how many of your favorite white celebrities are raising black babies. A few stars have made their adoptions part of their publicity. But some have been raising multicultural families on the down-low for years.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Way back in 1993, Michelle adopted her daughter Claudia Rose. Claudia Rose has stayed out of the limelight since then. She's now 20 and rarely shows up at red carpet events with her mother.

Ty Burrell

The dad from Modern Family is also a father in real life. He and Holly, his wife of 15 years, have adopted two black children. They adopted their first daughter Frances back in 2010. Two years later, in March 2012, they adopted another little black girl to add to their growing family.

Mary Louise Parker

The former Weeds star adopted Caroline "Ash" Aberash, from Ethiopia in 2007. This was right in the middle of the African and Asian adoption trend that touched a lot of celebrities.

Hugh Jackman

When Wolverine isn't cutting up the X-Men's enemies, he's adopting babies. When he discovered that his wife Deborra-Lee Furness was infertile, he looked for other ways to expand his family. Both his son Oscar Maximillian and Oscar's sister Ava Eliot are half black. And adopting "mixed race" children was a conscious decision on Hugh and Deborra's part. When they found out that kids of mixed racial parentage are adopted the least, they wanted to be sure that they were the ones to help fill that gap.

Steven Spielberg

The director of The Color Purple has two black children. His son, Theo Spielberg, is 20 and attending Yale University. His daughter, Mikaela, is 17. They may not show up on the red carpet much but they seem to be doing well.

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some on the list are well-known (...Angelina Jolie...) but I was surprised by the ones listed above.