Draya Michele Gets SLAUGHTERED on 106&Park via Twitter Users

Basketball Wives: LA” fans might remember how Draya Michele was ostracized and put down by her co-stars on season 1, but that was nothing compared to the Twitter toughs who attacked her yesterday.

The alleged arrest that happened years ago when Draya’s young son was reportedly left home alone, came back to haunt the reality star again when BET’s “106 & Park” asked viewers to tweet questions to Draya with the hashtag #AskDraya. For more than 12 hours (and counting), the partygoer was subjected to harsh criticism from Twitter users who questioned whether she’s even a part of her son’s life today.

Draya’s critics compared her son to starving children in Africa and speculated that he sees Santa Claus more than he does his mother.

Though Draya had little to say during “BBW:LA” season 1 when her cast members continued to question her about the incident, she didn’t just sit back and shed tears as her timeline filled with hateful comments about her parenting or lack thereof. She had some strong words of her own. “Immature haters. I have the same 24 hours in a day as u. You use your time to hate tweet me instead of getting money,” wrote Draya who said she is caring for her son. “Ahhhh 6 days until I move my mom and son to California !!!! #whathaveyoudoneforyourfamilylately?” read one of Draya’s posts.

Draya’s co-stars warmed to her after she denied the allegations and season 2 viewers may remember Draya weighing the possibility of relocating her family, but that didn’t seem to halt the onslaught of hateful messages.

Viewers will have to tune into “106 & Park” Thursday to see whether there were any questions posed to Draya that did not deal with the alleged abandonment of her son. “Ratings gonna be thru the roof,” she wrote.