MTV's True Life: I'm Too Beautiful - profiles the problems of the good looking

Do your good looks threaten others?
Do you fear you outshine your friends?

Do your friends not include you in nights out on the town because you steal the show? Or do your co-workers think you were promoted because of your physical charms? Is the only crime you've committed being beautiful or handsome?

MTV premiered a True Life episode featuring two young ladies, Brooke Torres and Dana Adiva, who share the same troubling social problems.

Brooke: “I’m not sure if it’s my face or the way I wear my clothes but no matter what I wear, it looks good.”

Dana: “I don’t have to be smart, because I have my looks....People will stare at me no matter what and it’s the most irritating thing in the world.”

"I got so much attention from all the guys, but I didn't get along with any of the girls. They were extremely jealous of me."

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