Zozia Mamet's kickstarter flops

Zosia Mamet and her sister Clara Mamet, both children of David Mamet, have started a hipster folk band and no one is giving them a penny to make their music video.

Excuse me, that was a rude exaggeration. As of writing, nine people have donated $456 of the $32,000 goal. So there is a full 98.6 percent left that you can fund, if this band suits your fancy.

But why, you might ask, has the internet failed to leap to fund a Girls girl's musical whimsy? Are hipster folk bands with an inept banjo player no longer the latest? Oh, they still are. But here are some items from their Kickstarter campaign that might have turned off possible funders:

- The reason given for the band's existence, according to Zosia: "an excuse to spend more time together."

- The reason for the band's continuation, according to Clara: "I took up the banjo and started playing it very badly but I think that was reason enough for us to continue."
- The reason behind writing their first song: both sisters have just had their hearts broken. Actually, this acceptable reason to write a first song. Continue.
- The reason they want make the music video, according to Clara: "The song just kind of happened, we wrote it in a manner of hours, so to do an actual music video to the song would be really kind of a full circle thing."
- The reason they want you to fund the music video, according to Zosia: they want to get to know you better. "It's also a way for us to get to know you better, our music has been something that we have kept to ourselves, like a sisterly bond, but we'd love to share it with you guys."

The Mamet gals have even cooked up a little teaser video to convince you to dig deep (putting the Crackstarter to shame). It's got a bunch of pretty photos with that weird Ken Burns effect thing, punctuated by a selfie-style video of Clara (sitting in a car?) and Zosia (sitting on a pile of logs outside a cabin).

Oh, and of course, where would a Kickstarter be without the perks? The largest pledge option ($8,000) to fund the Cabin Sisters' music video gets you Zosia Mamet's director-style set chair from Season 2 of Girls with "Shoshanna" embroidered in its back. $2,500 gets you a signed banjo. Both prizes are obviously still available. Hurry.

Video available at the Source

This music video for Bleak Love is our chance to realize through the visual artistry of some very talented people the universal feeling of un-requited love. Visually the video will bounce from opulence to sparseness, French Baroque to a simple, timeless and heartbroken. We are hoping to capture something everyone has felt at some point int their lives.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our Kickstarter page. As you heard in our video this band sort of just happened. We come from a musical family and music has been a common bond for us since a young age. The universe has given us both an opportunity to make a living in our young adult lives as creative people and it is one of the greatest privledges a person could ask for, the ability to do what you love. This has become another opportunity for that privledge. Being in the entertainment industry has its lesser known downsides, like being taken out of the town your family lives in or the demanding schedules that prevent attendance at family functions. We are, despite our wonderful jobs at GIRLS and NEIGHBORS, just sisters.