Willam's Beatdown: CANCELLED

Everything is ruined forever, friends: First we lose Happy Endings, then Smash, and now it looks like we’re losing Willam’s Beatdown. It’s like the universe is out to remove everything perfect from this world.

For the past five months, NewNowNext spokeswhore Willam Belli has been hosting her own web-commentary series on The Stylish, reading trolls as they give makeup tutorials, get their first Brazilian, make a turban out of pantyhose, and generally act a fool. (Well somebody had to school these children!)

But last night Willam posted on Facebook that Beatdown‘s announced hiatus may be permanent:

“My beatdown statement: Willam’s Beatdown, which was my original idea, was on a YouTube-sponsored channel that shut down after YouTube failed to renew funding. It was run by Magical Elves, a highly respected production company in LA. I was told it would be a 3 week hiatus but logistics, travel, wheat allergies and an unwillingness to compromise are preventing that.

Until I do more or Beatdown finds a home, please rewatch them and keep the suggestions coming.”

Here’s a suggestion: Someone give Willam a bucketload of money to do more episodes! Or get on YouTube to start funding it again. Or get Willam a gig filling in on Tosh.0.