buffy neda
buffy_usa 26th-May-2013 11:41 pm (UTC)
agree with the part about rude awakening

having already graduated i feel supremely fortunate that i managed to get a job with a good company and have hung on

i didn't get it because of my resume with a college degree. i got the job through networking. my friend was someone who was friends with a person in position to influence job recruitment decisions. i had to apply like everyone else but having that connection to know me and put in a good word for me meant i got hired instead of whoever else at that time.

people imo should pursue a career they believe they can enjoy and be passionate about - it's very hard to jump careers over the course of your life so you best like what you start out in because that's probably where you'll stay - but networking and cultivating relationships with people who can be a sponsor or champion for you in getting a job is highly underestimated and doesn't seem to be mentioned in these commencement speeches.
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