Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson Talks Diets & Nutrition

On the trendy juice diets:

I 100 per cent hate them. I think it’s a really unfortunate trend, and it’s not a sustainable weight-loss program. Plus, once you puree anything, you lose nutritional value by the second. You’re drinking calories: If you’re going to drink that many calories, you might as well eat anyway. It’s extreme dieting. Skinny is not the end all for beauty – a lot more goes into being beautiful than [whether you] have extra weight on you.

On how people are not educated well enough regarding nutrition:

There’s so much confusion out there – from protein bars to shakes to diets to counting calories. I became frustrated with what’s being sold as diets to help people lose weight. They’re not sustainable and they’re pumped with chemicals – if you leave it to people to calorie-restrict, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, I’ll have my soy latte because it’s this many calories, and then I’ll have this little Weight Watchers cake.’

… says Tracy.

Do you guys agree?

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