Korea's Most Hated idols To Open Chris Brown's Las Vegas Concert; Attend BET Awards

Girl group T-ARA's unit group, T-ARA N4, visited L.A. for 4 nights and 5 days and talked with famous U.S. producers and artists.

T-ARA N4 met up with Chris Brown as well as producing team, 1500 or NOTHIN and talked about possible U.S. promotions.

Today the group held a press conference in Korea to reveal more in detail about what happened during their stay in L.A.

T-ARA N4 first met up with Chris Brown and later was invited to the YouTube networking office. They also visited the famous shoe brand, VLADO and held a surprise fan sign meeting. They also was able to meet Lilceaser, who was a famous choreographer for Madonna and Mariah Carey. They also talked about music and other possible event with producers 1500 or NOTHIN for over 7 hours.

They also stated that they plan on releasing their song, "Countryside Diary" worldwide with featuring done by Chris Brown, T-Pain and more. Hyomin commented, "We will be releasing 5 different versions of this song and target international countries. We've currently finished recording the music video for one of the versions."

T-ARA N4 will also be opening for Chris Brown's solo concert and will be leaving to the U.S. again on May 25. They were also invited to next month's BET awards and will walk on the red carpet.

Eunjung commented, "We were first able to know Chris Brown because member Dani had talked about our new song to him. He then later watched out music video and began to gain more interest. 1500 or NOTHING also heard some of our other songs as well. We hope that this may lead to debuting in the U.S. This is all thanks to the power of K-Pop. Please continue to support us."