Maggie Q on Nikita's Shortened Final Season: "It hurt my heart a little"

Maggie Q has admitted that Nikita coming to an end has "hurt [her] heart a little".

The CW drama will return for a shortened final season, comprising just six episodes.

The actress told IGN that while she "didn't want" more than four seasons of Nikita, the shorter episode order was disappointing.

"My dream was four seasons," she said. "I didn't want more than four, [but] six [episodes] hurt my heart a little, just because I'm going to miss my crew so much. I'm going to have to say goodbye to them in four months, which I didn't expect to be so quick."

However, the star added that she is "creatively... totally fulfilled" and "excited" for Nikita to wrap.

"You know how big our episodes are? We're going to make these even bigger, because there's only six," she said.

"So we want to go out movie-style, you know what I mean? Do six movies. If we did a full season, it'd be impossible to end with that bang."

The final season of Nikita is yet to be scheduled by The CW.

Full IGN Interview

IGN TV: Obviously this is bittersweet, because this will be the end.

Maggie Q: Yeah, this’ll be the last year.

IGN: What are you thinking about going into these final episodes?

Maggie Q: Actually, creatively, I’m really excited. Because in a final season, banging out six episodes… You know how big our episodes are. We’re going to make these even bigger, because there’s only six. So we want to go out movie-style, you know what I mean? Do six movies. You know where we ended it. This season, Season 4, it has to be fast-paced, right? She’s out there.

IGN: She’s out there, and you don’t have Division or any of the old trappings. Is that exciting for you?

Maggie Q: Yeah! She’s on the run again, she’s rogue again. But this time they know what she looks like. She’s being hunted. She’s not anonymous anymore. This is a total game changer like there’s never been. We don’t know how she’s getting out of this, so this is Nikita on the run. Like Run Lola Run… it’s gotta be intense. So six episodes -- if we did 13 it’d be harder. If we did a full season it’d be impossible to end with that bang. But my dream was four seasons, Eric. I wanted four. I didn’t want more than four. Six [episodes] hurt my heart a little, just because I’m going to miss my crew so much. I’m going to have to say goodbye to them in four months, which I didn’t expect to be so quick. But that’s it. Creatively, I’m totally fulfilled. But personally, my heart’s broken because I love my crew so much, and I don’t know when I’ll see them again.

IGN: Your show is known for so many twists and turns and things changing. With six episodes, do you think it’ll be pretty much week-to-week, that type of thing?

Maggie Q: I mean, people are literally going to lose their minds. You know how good Craig [Silverstein] is. He’s really on it. He’s got new shows; he’s a very busy guy now. He’s doing really well. So to have six means we can still have Craig involved, because he’s got a lot [on his plate]. I know now that he’s going to be really focused on banging these out and making them the greatest episodes we’ve ever made. So that’s exciting.

IGN: Obviously, you’ve got these two central relationships with Alex and with Michael. Right now you’re off away from both of them.

Maggie Q: I’m off of everybody!

IGN: [Laughs] So with six episodes, do you think Nikita might be split off from them for a good chunk of that?

Maggie Q: Oh, I think she’ll be gone the whole time, most of the time, I think. The thing is, there’s no real solution to this. Now that they know who she is -- well, kind of.

IGN: They’re close.

Maggie Q: They’re going to get there in two seconds. So Amanda did exactly what she promised to do - that she was going to put Nikita in a position where she will never be rewarded with that love. She wanted to take her life away and she did it.

IGN: Speaking of Amanda, are you looking forward to that final showdown, because, man, Amanda really got built up this season as the prime villain.

Maggie Q: I really am. I mean, I have to kill her in such a major way! I have to hang her by her toenails or something (need this).  It’s gotta be really intense, what happens between Nikita and Amanda, because Amanda will not win. But in a way, she’s already won. So that’s what’s sad about it. Because Nikita having a life with anyone she’s loved before puts them in danger, and you know she’s not going to do that.

IGN: Nikita and Michael, obviously, the fans are so invested in them. Suffice to say, it will take more struggles to get them back together?

Maggie Q: Absolutely. To clear someone’s name, after the way that they… As deep as they went to frame her for this, that is going to be really difficult. So we’ll see.

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