george michael
OMG DAVID ROSEN YOU GODDAMN HERO!!!! i am so in love with him now

WHAT THE FUCK HER DAD WAS TRYING TO HAVE HER KILLED? that is one fucked up family, can't wait to see where they go with that one

mellie being a queen trying to get her approval ratings up

fitz being a dick for "forgiving" olivia. bitch you were horrible to her and you weren't even together, she had to move on. and then his ass literally crawling back to queen mellie

fucking cyrus being the glorious shady fucker he is and saving his friends

QUINDSEY BEING MINI HUCK omg what? she was cray. and i think i like it

also why don't these fuckers stay in the hospital until they are discharged properly? i was afraid cyrus would drop dead and i simply cannot have that happen

last edit: did huck really have a breakdown or was he testing quinn? he had been discussing with olivia earlier about how he could see her fully becoming him and then she does