Purry Edwards gives her boyfrand zayn malik a manicure as he sleeps.


Zayn Malik won't want to go to sleep around his girlfriend Perrie Edwards any more after she played a devious trick on him.

The 19-year old Little Mix star gave her One Direction boyfriend a colourful manicure while he was in dreamland.

No doubt when he saw the pretty design, Zayn, 20, thought he was stuck in a nail nightmare.

Perrie was clearly pleased with her prank, tweeting a picture of her efforts through Little Mix's social networking account.

'The perks of your boyfriend not waking up through anything. Pretty LM nails Zayn (; Perrie <3' she tweeted.

Zayn was wearing a straw Trilby hat and had more than a 5 o'clock shadow covering his oblivious face.


lol we know you he's a deep sleeper remember when the girl that had sex with your bf took pics of him when he was sleeping?