Lauren Conrad goes from Kentucky to Malibu

Lauren had a busy week. She started out in LA then hit up the Kentucky Derby where she successfully avoided looking like an Easter basket threw up on her. She ended things in NY where she celebrated being named the spokesperson for Maliby Rum’s latest flavor.

Leaving dinner with friends in LA 04-29-13

Unbridled Pre-Kentucky Derby Charity Gala 05-03-13

Kentucky Derby 05-04-13

Malibu Rum Event NYC 05-07-13

Preview of her ad

Lauren unveiled a sneak peek of her Kohl’s summer lookbook.

Get your Kohl’s ready for next month’s arrival of LC Kohl’s bedding!

If this ruffled set comes in white it’s going to be mine.

Why is it so hard to find affordable comforters/duvets that are also cute? Most of the affordable ones are soooo ugly with leopard and other hideous prints that look like they were inspired by frat houses, pornos or the Kardashians

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