'The Sims 4' registered by EA, announcement tipped for Monday

The Sims 4 web domain appears to have been registered by EA, with the game's unveiling expected on Monday (May 6).

The studio is holding a conference call tomorrow and has promised to make a major announcement related to the world-creation franchise, according to a NeoGAF forum post.

The new web domain, thesims4.com, is already active and links back to the official Sims site.

EA will continue to support The Sims 3 this year, with the Island Paradise, Dragon Valley and Movie Stuff expansion packs scheduled for release in the coming months.

Released in 2009, The Sims 3 and its add-ons continue to chart highly in the weekly PC chart.

It has been speculated that The Sims 4 could require an always-online connection like the latest Sim City sequel. (nooooooooooo)


also, this has been going around tumblr all day, it could be fake but omg