New Xavier Dolan directed Indochine music video is banned in France

Indochine unveiled this week their latest music video College Boy, from their album Black City Parade and directed by Xavier Dolan.

The video in question caused a fuss in France when it first went online and the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel, a French organization, is thinking  about banning the video to teenagers less than 16 years old. It's important to note that it features a young man being bullied, physically abused and literally crucified by his classmates, while the the whole thing is being filmed by other students.

" There is no debate to open, we would prefer not to have any. We are only stating that violence in schools is a fact. Today only, are we going to continue seeing, in medias, atrocious scenes of violence happening in schools, and not react? I think the video is educational. Indifference and intolerance are to be fought. Sometimes people become cruel when they are in a group and think they are superior to everybody else. Xavier Dolan also denounces the violence caused by firearms, like shown at the end of the video. What is the point of rock music if it doesn't encourage problem solving? " , stated Nicola Sirkis, Indochine's signer to Le soir.

" It is absurd to me that the video is censored, said Dolan. Is it really more violent than all the other movies on our screens everyday? (...) The question is not why did I go so far, but what would keep a group of teenagers from going so far when gun lobbying is so powerful in the United States " he also stated to Figaro.

EDIT: Outside of Canada/France try this youtube link


What do you guys think of the video?