Badass Mothers in Horror.

In Horror there are many tropes. The virgin, the jock, the whore etc. But there is one major one that is constantly overlooked. Mothers. These women are strong and will do anything to defend and protect their children. They will definitely go the ends of the earth and even sacrifice their own lives just for their children to survive. Even when they are hurt and broken they will rise up to protect their babies. No matter what the threat, they will throw down with evil. This is a dedication to all the badass mothers out there.

Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley – Aliens
Ripley was revealed to have mothered a daughter during the beginning of Aliens but it was also revealed that during her long suspended animation, her daughter grew to have a long life and die. Once she met Newt, her maternal instincts came back with vengeance with her going head to head with the Queen alien.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode – Halloween H20
Laurie thought her past was behind her with her brother Michael. She moved on with her life and had a son named John. But her brother returned and started to attack the people closest to her. Her son was hurt in the melee and instead of hiding with him and his girlfriend. She turned back to fight. She fought back hard stabbing him multiple times and even threw him over a balcony.

Naomi Watts as Rachel Keller – The Ring
At first when Rachel was tasked with finding out how her niece died, she paid no mind to the legend seriously. It wasn't until her son watched the tape that she knew she had to save his life at all costs. Once she figures out how to break the curse she helps her son create a copy of the tape to give the curse to someone else. Rather they letting her son die, Rachel makes the hard decision to protect him by letting the curse live on.

JoBeth Williams as Diane Freeling – Poltergeist
At first when Diane started seeing the paranormal activity in her house she found it fun but once it attacked her children her attitude changed. She knew her daughter was still alive and fought hard to save her, even going into the closet to get her herself. Even falling into a pool full of dead bodies did not stop her from going to save her children. She pushed through the ghosts and saved her children from the beast. Her love and determination was able to push back her fears and protect her children at all costs.

Shelley Duval as Wendy Torrance – The Shining
Wendy went along to be caretakers of the hotel mostly to help her husband’s writing problem. When he starts having violent outbursts and she sees bruises on her son she confronts him. She knows something is wrong with the hotel and wants her son to be safe no matter what. By herself she knocks out her husband and drags him to a pantry to lock him up so her son and she can be safe. Even when she was trapped in a bathroom while her husband tried getting to her with an axe, she made her son escape and was prepared to go head to head with her husband.

Dee Wallace as Donna Trenton – Cujo
Donna was leading a boring life despite having an affair. She thought going to fix her car was going to be simple until she and her son were attacked by a rabid dog. Instead of waiting for help Donna tried multiple times to get help for her son even getting attacked in the process. Once her son passed out from dehydration she knew no matter what happened to her, she needed to protect her baby. She fought Cujo and was able to save her son from dying despite being in far worse shape than him.

Radha Mitchell as Rose Da Silvia – Silent Hill
The entire premise of the movie Silent Hill is Rose getting help for her daughter. She comes face to face with other worldly creatures multiple times. But her determination to find and protect her daughter from the entire town causes her to trek on and on deeper into Silent Hill. Even after finding out the truth about Sharon, she still protected and defended her from all the towns’ people.

Catherine Hicks as Karen Barclay – Child’s play
Trying to be a good mother despite not being able to afford the toy her son Andy wanted she bought one off a homeless person. When certain murders happen with Andy the prime suspect, Karen knew it was the doll and sought out to prove it without the police’s help. If it wasn’t for her determination her son would have gotten possessed by the spirit of Chucky. She ultimately delivered the final blow to stop the threat to her son.

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