Talentless Scene Horse Dates Talentless Scene Girl

In what must be one of the most meant to be match-ups of the "scraping the bottom of the barrel" music genre, it seems that Trace Cyrus (he of Metro Station and ugly-horse-brother-of-Miley-Cyrus fame) is no longer with former fiancee Disney star Brenda Song and gotten together with someone more fitting of his stature: "Millionaires" band member though "band" is incredibly subjective here. Melissa Marie according to her instagram and facebook. The two are currently on tour together; Cyrus is promoting his band Ashland High.

For those of you who have no clue who this chick is, this is her "band's" latest video, which beautifully spoofs the A&E show Intervention.

Source: Mainly, the schadenfreude that inspires me to follow the Millionaires on Facebook, but also Here and various photos on her Facebook.

Mods, I know that he's barely relevant but at the very least, everyone can laugh at their determination to dress/act like it's still 2008. Or the fact that both of these people are still trying to make "music". Also, sorry about the random members only locking on the first post.