Amanda Bynes claims she's as rich as the Olsen Trolls

When Amanda Bynes said that she is a "retired multi-millionaire," she really wasn't kidding.

The former actress hasn't worked at all in three years, but said it doesn't matter because she's just as loaded as the Olsen twins! "I'm in the Mary-Kate and Ashley type of wealth [category]," she declared to In Touch magazine. Considering that the Olsen twins are worth about $300 million, that's a pretty bold statement.

It's also very likely a delusional one as well.

Nickelodeon hardly throws its child stars multi-million dollar deals. Even though she had a successful five-year run on What I Like About You and a few decent teen movies like She's The Man, that hardly adds up to $300 million in the bank.

A source close to Amanda said that she is actually worth "$5 to $6 million, not anywhere near Mary-Kate and Ashley's money." The source also confirmed she doesn't have an income now, yet is still blowing through cash like she has Olsen twins money. Some of Amanda's friends are fearing that she could be broke within the next few years.

Her NYC lifestyle has included month-long stays at luxury hotels that include daily room service and massages, $11,000 on hair extensions during a recent trip to a Queens salon and massive cab fares. She's also spending big bucks on her NYC apartment, but may not be there for much longer because her strange behavior is reportedly making other residents uncomfortable.
"[Amanda wanders] the halls of her New York City apartment building at all hours of the night," said a source to Radar Online. "She talks to herself in language that is non-sensical and has been hearing voices. She looks completely disheveled and she is scaring some of the other residents in the building with kids."

Even if Amanda is choosing to be a recluse, there are still ways she could make money. Countless celebrities use their Twitter accounts for product endorsements, often making thousands of dollars on a single tweet. And even though Amanda isn't exactly anyone's first choice to endorse their stuff these days, there are plenty of companies who would likely to be happy take advantage of her 700,000+ Twitter followers.