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New trailer for 'The East' with Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page
winniechili wrote in ohnotheydidnt


This was really good and the cast is amazing, so if you're looking for a summer movie that isn't about superheroes or aliens or #23920340 in a series, might I suggest it.

Ellen Page's post oscar nom career has kind of sucked.

This looks interesting though.

Yeah, I think she got blindsided by the sudden fame from Juno and has worked to kinda fall back under the radar.

Sexaaay. However I'm so girl crushing on Brit atm.

Yessssssss I wish I were her in this gif

She seems so lovely and involved, and her twitterpersonality seems cool too. I love that she's showcasing smarts and beauty and a love for writing all in one.

he looks goooood
and she's beautiful too

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I saw her in person and omw she is flaw free.

The trailer makes it look so much more intense then it actually is, and its also super predictable, but the cast makes it worth it. Also, Alex and Brit would make such beautiful scandinavian looking babies lol.

Hmm good to know. These trailers are usually like the *it could go either way* sort of thing.

I like Brit Marling so I'll see this.

I'm excited to see this movie.

Time will tell if I see this movie with friends or alone

Definitely seeing this; it sounds awesome.

My main interest in this is the cast. Been following Ellen's career for ages, plus I adore Toby Kebbell and Aldis Hodge.

Love Brit Marling. & her plus ASkars. HFT

this movie looks interesting. excited for it to come out.

This looks good. Though, so did Sound of My Voice and we know how that turned out.

Alexander Skarsgård and Shiloh Fernandez? I am so in. This movie could be the worst movie that I will ever see and just because of those two actors I will still love it.

i have passes to a screening for this tonight..but idt i'll make it :/

I just read an interview snippet from Brit where she talked about how she traveled the country without money for fun this summer and went dumpster diving for meals (for fun) and went train hopping and it was such hipster nonsense, turned me off of her.

She seems ridiculous to me. She has nice hair and that's about it.

I'm definitely intrigued.

also, Askars.

This looks good!


Really needing Ellen to take a lead in something. I guess she's not really interested after Juno. She's such a hermit and hates attention. Ugh. Just stop being stupid and make movies goddamnit.

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i saw this trailer before pines and it looked great. i wanted to see all of the movies they showed trailers for actually and that rarely happens.

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