GAHHHHHHH Been NEEDING to talk to this badly.

One of the BEST, but most DISTURBING hours of television I've ever seen (trust I've seen a lot too). Had a real eXistenZ vibe going on, which is much appreciated. I was very sad that Sean died and the awkwardness that came before it, but I saw it coming. Now the twin experiment thing, is one of the most horrible things I've ever seen and I can't stop thinking about it. The killing her just kind of shocked me and took it over the edge. Just makes me think about those that are kidnapped and held in sheds/basements getting God knows what done to them. I mean it was so goddamn twisted. I just never expect this quality of drama from a CW show lol. It reminds me of when Brad from Happy Endings is like "I can't handle anymore drama, just got done watching Nurse Jackie." Anyways, maybe I'm the only one but I thought it was brilliant (especially since the 1st half of the season was ok to me). It's like really coming together. I see the method to the madness now and it fucking scares me.

But ummm WTF!!! Seems like they are wrapping this up to be a series finale (though I've read they want to renew for a shortened final season). Don't quite get the anger OP. The reason I love this show the most is that they will kill off characters, even main ones. Like they do not hold back in making sure when it rains, it fucking pours for these guys. Oh well, I loved it. I have so much to say and it's sad there's not a large audience to talk to about this.