Justin Bieber: The Real Reason He Was Forced To Cancel Oman Concert


The Biebs is being punished for being too sexy. Who knew that was a crime?!

We told you before that Justin Bieber cancelled his show in Muscat, Oman. Now we know why! Oman is a strict Islamic nation, and was uncomfortable allowing the Biebs to perform because he is just too good-looking. I guess we can’t argue with that.

Justin Bieber Forced To Cancel Show In Oman

Justin’s show was stopped by hardline Muslim leaders who feared that the “moral health” of their women would be compromised due to Justin’s good looks.

After the cancellation, an aggressive anti-Bieber campaign formed on various websites, forums, and blogs. A source in Oman said, “Many people here were horrified by what they had heard about Bieber.”

The source continued, “People didn’t want him coming to Oman. He was called a reprobate and words were used like debauchery and Haraam, which in Islam means a sinful act that displeases God.” Justin — who must be acquainted to bad press by now — added a second show in Dubai to make up for his canceled concert.
Justin Needs To Keep His Shirt On

The Biebs can’t be held accountable for being too sexy, but he can do something about his wacky behavior. His apparent need to be shirtless could have something to do with the Islamic nation’s concerns. The source explained, “In Islamic countries you can’t run around with your shirt off.” Hopefully Justin has learned a valuable lesson here!