More Beyonce for H&M Pics Leaked + Arrival In Serbia For Tour

Last month, we got a preview as to what Beyonce's upcoming H&M campaign was going to look like, and now we're getting more teasers! The twitter page @Bey_Exclusive got their hands on a behind-the-scenes photo of Bey at the photoshoot for the campaign, and she is all smiles!

They also gave us access to the upcoming catalogue that will show off Bey's magnificent curves while modeling some of the hottest new bikinis. We don't have the official pictures of King Bey yet, but this is enough to tease our imagination!

We can't wait to pick up our own catalogue!

Belgrade Pics:

GG and Pic Sources

So I'm guessing she'll be using wires to get from the main stage to the Bey stage?