The Voice: Last Blind Auditions + ratings update

The Voice 2013 is back and still going strong for NBC, as The Voice Season 4 ratings may have taken a dip for Week 2 of the Blind Auditions on The Voice 2013 Season 4 but they are still doing very well and nothing too worry about folks! You always expect a high week for the premiere of shows and a dip to follow, so it is expected. The blind auditions continue tonight on The Voice 2013, so come back and watch with us during our The Voice Season 4 Live Recap!
For Monday night last week, The Voice Season 4 had a 4.7 adult rating and 13.31 million viewers. NBC is drooling over those numbers, but it was down 4% from the first week. Not a huge difference. It was the most-watched show of the night.
For Tuesday night last week, things got even better for NBC, as The Voice 2013 had a 4.5 adult rating and 13.93 million viewers. That was a 5% increase over last week’s show and NBC is happy again! It was the #1 show of the night, but I don’t ever think it will be overtaken this season.

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