It's Time....

It looks like Eminem will officially be returning to the music scene this year, with a new album set to release “very soon.”

Rumors had been swirling for the past year that Shady Records head honcho Eminem would be returning to the music scene for 2013, but more often than not these rumors end up being just that, rumors.

Well we have now confirmed that Eminem will in fact be releasing a new album later this year. The official Aftermath Facebook page revealed the news posting, ” New Eminem Album is coming very soon!”

The post was shortly followed up with an image that read “Something BIG is coming” with Eminem’s name through the center letter “I.”

This will be Eminem’s first solo album since his 2010 ‘Recovery.’ We will keep you updated as more details are announced.

EDIT: ugh never mind looks like it's fake and a fan made it...but he should be starting promo this month or early may.

His manager just tweeted it's fake:

@rosenberg: Ok, the "something big" ad is a fake. It's fan created. If it didn't come from us, ignore it. Period.