British Library set to archive internet

The British Library is on an urgent mission to try to capture the unruly, ever-changing internet.

For centuries the library has kept a copy of every book, pamphlet, magazine and newspaper published in Britain.

Starting tomorrow, it'll also be bound to record every British website, e-book, online newsletter and blog in a bid to preserve the nation's digital memory.

As if that's not a big enough task, the library also has to make the digital archive available to future researchers - come time, tide or technological change.

The library says the work is urgent as ever since people began switching from paper and ink to computers and mobile phones, material that would fascinate future historians has been disappearing into a digital black hole.

The library says firsthand accounts of everything from the 2005 London transit bombings to Britain's 2010 election campaign have already vanished.

The library plans to make the content publicly available by the end of this year.


I know it's not celeb related, but it's interesting... seems like a giant waste of time to me. Especially as the internet changes every millisecond.

How big is their server? And will there be a separate section for Adults Only?