Man blackmails "Boston celeb" with incriminating video; gets arrested by Feds.


Oh, you just know they'll be burning the midnight oil at the Inside Track tonight, trying to figure out which married male Boston celebrity who was having money trouble last fall tried to pick up some sweet young things at Venu.

The reason we know is because a Lowell man is facing federal blackmail charges today for trying to extort $20,000 from the guy for an incriminating video he claims to have taken there.

In an affidavit, the FBI agent who investigated Felix Paulino referred to his victim only as "John Doe," but said he is "a well-known Boston personality" who is married and about whom "there were media reports in both newspapers and on television" regarding his financial situation.

On the morning of Oct. 22, the government charges, Paulino called Doe's agent and said he had a video, two or three minutes long, showing Doe at Venu, which was last in the news for a quadruple shooting outside on Nov. 18:

"Felix Paulino further claimed that the video depicted John Doe talking to several young women and attempting to lure them to his room.  Felix Paulino told the Cooperator that John Doe touches the young women, and tells them that he is a "player" and they are not."

According to the affidavit, Paulino demanded $20,000 or he'd turn the video over to TMZ. When the agent - who had promptly contact the FBI - agreed to meet, Paulino got finicky, the affidavit says: He wanted to meet in a "public" place, but rejected a hotel lobby and a nearby Dunkin' Donuts.

The two eventually agreed to meet at an unspecified restaurant, but Paulino didn't show. And then he got arrested.


Any guesses as to who John Doe might be?