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nt4michelangelo wrote in ohnotheydidnt
Florrie is taking over. The multi-talented musician's newest starring role is for Sony, promoting their XBA-C10 headphones. Florrie performs an exclusive song in the commercial, Live A Little. Live A Little is not an actual single, nor will it appear on her eagerly anticipated debut album (due for release later this year). Florrie herself has called it a gift for her fans who have patiently waited, and supported her over the years. While the advertisement was only going to be 60-seconds max, Florrie used her own funds to record a full music video!

This sounds incredible. Can you believe this is just a song for a commercial?! Her album is going to be ridic.
dedicated to my Florrie soul sister powerbottom

oh wow... really awesome!!! i have to check out more from her. any recs for good songs?

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