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The "gurus" I'm talking about are called TheForeverGlamourous. I don't know if they're that well known or not. I just know of them because I started watching their videos after they did some vlogs about Myrtle Beach.

Anyway, a boyfriend of one of the gurus (Sydney) posted this on his Instagram as an April Fools. One of their fans got mad and went to Sydney's Instagram saying that she was going to unfollow them for the hateful things her boyfriend was spewing. Another guru (Brooke) mentioned their conservative Christian beliefs (basically agree that all three of them felt the way the boyfriend did) and that's when all hell broke loose because people were fighting over gay marriage and whether or not it was wrong. If you look at the boyfriend's post, the reasons why he thinks gay marriage is wrong is because "1. It's not natural, if every person was gay humanity wouldn't exist. 2. It spreads disease, AIDS and HIV are spread rapidly among homosexual couples. 3. It causes harm to there bodies 4. No one is stoping them for loving each other, they just shouldn't be allowed to get married because it destroys the family image. America was raised on the heterosexual family image, the children learn good morals and have good role models as parents; one male and one female. That's why"

I mean, there is so much wrong with his comment that I just xed out of the page and laughed. I can't believe people are that dumb. The gurus aren't defending themselves, so ex-fans of theirs and the gurus' family members/friends are duking it out in the comments.