Lindsay Lohan emergency flight landing due to "toxic" lavatory

Another set back for Lindsay Lohan on her path to lock down rehab...

TMZ's sources have informed us that the 26-year-old "actress" flight from Sao Paulo to NYC has been forced to make an emergency landing.

Our sources tell us that there was no reported issue with the plane's equipment and the 35 passengers will be up in the air again shortly.

The emergency landing was made after flight attendants feared chemical leak or possible sabatoge due to a "toxic odor" emitting near the front of the plane.

Upon inspection once the plane landed ... the potential hazardous material turned out to be nothing but a "biohazard" left in the first class lavatory.

While our sources cannot confirm or deny that Lindsay used the restroom during her flight the troubled star was previously accused of clogging a toilet on the Scary Movie 5 set.


Try explaining that four hour flight delay!

I wonder if it was her or if she's taking the fall for one of the other passengers. :-X