Geri Halliwell: "I had my 1st worthy orgasm at 30"

She's been incredibly candid since joining Twitter last summer.

But on Friday, Geri Halliwell may have gone a step too far when she started talking about her sex life.

After one of her 199,000 followers asked for a happy 30th birthday tweet, Geri revealed a titbit from her sexual history.

She tweeted: 'Happy birthday!

'Don't tell anyone, I had my 1st worthy orgasm at 30.'

Earlier that day, the 40-year-old accused men of feeling uncomfortable when women break down in front of them.

She wrote: 'Maybe just me, u noticed men don't like it when u cry in front of them? Sort makes them uncomfortable? (Don't fix us, just listen).'

It appeared Geri was feeling rather emotional and admitted she was fixated on food, tweeting photos of cakes during her lunch break.

She also complained she was feeling bloated, claiming she had a 'muffin top'.

She wrote: 'This is only if ur (sic) female, I've got a muffin top over my skinny jeans, feel tired cranky teary, & wanna just eat carbs, hmm.'

Last weekend, Geri was tweeting about orgasms and sex again.

She wrote last Sunday: 'Sod it Sunday , I just had chocolate flowerless cake, mmm, it wasn't quite as good as sex, but it was v good.'

She then retweeted a follower's quote that 'If a woman loves you, she is more likely to fake an orgasm,' with the reply: 'If u love her she won't have to?'

Geri's candid tweets came as she revealed she had returned to the studio to record some new music.

Following the Spice Girl's brief reunion for the London Olympics Closing Ceremony last year, Geri is focused on getting her solo career back on track.

During her six year solo career, she enjoyed four No.1 hits and a further Top 10 singles.