Reporter Laughs While Reporting Awful News Story

Nine News reporter Seb Costello has apologised to viewers after an “inappropriate” Live cross yesterday on the wall collapse tragedy in Carlton. Two people died after strong winds blew over the brick wall on Thursday, and another person remains in a critical condition after the accident.

Costello was distracted by a man who walked into his view and tried not to laugh during the cross. He took to Twitter to apologise:

(watch the video at the source, I can't get it to work)

Apologies to anyone watching the last report. It was a sensitive issue and it was not presented in an appropriate way. Towards the end of the report, a man walked into shot, stopped in front of me and had to be walked away by a colleague. It was a strange & distracting situation to watch. But regardless it’s not hard to understand how upsetting that could be for people affected by the accident. I am very sorry it happened. My thoughts are now even more with anyone touched by incident.

awkward. tell me, ontd, when have you laughed at an inappropriate time?