wife swap: repub bible thumpers vs polyamory

The culture clash was even more extreme on the latest episode of "Wife Swap." Producers had to know there was potential for serious trouble by swapping a proud Christian Republican family with a polyamorous one. Gina Louden found it too much when she swapped into the Envy family -- a husband, wife and girlfriend.

Gina, a Tea Party activist and political pundit, couldn't even make it through the week, abandoning the show to check into a hotel. Then, against the rules of the show, she contacted her husband, John.

"Hey, honey. We’re definitely dealing with dark forces here," John told her. He'd been preaching against the Envy lifestyle to Angela, the wife he inherited for the show, to the point he was traumatizing her. Gina, on the other hand, had been trying to convince Chris to step up and not expect the women to wait on him hand and foot. She felt that the girlfriend was an innocent victim in the relationship.

After that phone call, the Loudons were not seen from again in the episode, marking the first time a family did not make the roundtable discussion at the end of the hour. Celeb Dirty Laundry blamed both families for their communication breakdowns, making it "more dramatic than usual." Still, the Envy family did embrace some of the things they learned from Gina. Presumably, the Loudons did not embrace anything they learned from Angela.

IB Family on 'Wife Swap' Engages in Culture War

The Loudons live on Seacoast Drive in Imperial Beach and are a gun, God, Tea Party and bacon loving bunch who set a first in the six-season history of the ABC reality show Wife Swap.

As part of the show that aired Thursday evening, Gina Loudon, who hosts a radio show and teaches her five children in home school, traded places with Angela Envy, a woman from rural New York who raises her four kids with her husband Chris and girlfriend Ashley Miller.

While Gina and John Loudon embrace an activist conservative Christian lifestyle, Angela and Chris Envy aren't political but they are polyamorous, meaning the couple share partners.

Throughout the course of two weeks living together, the parents fought over issues like politics, polygamy, polyamory, religion and eating habits.

At one point John Loudon, a former Missouri state senator, called Angela's lifestyle perverse, and Chris Envy called Gina evil and the Bible a "mythical comic book."

During one of several confrontations over gay marriage, John pushed Angela to tears and Gina was kicked out the Envy's home.

At the end of their two weeks together, for the first time in the show's history, a final roundtable discussion did not take place. Instead the Envys sat down alone and summarily said they felt judged.

Despite repeated requests for a final statement from the Loudons by the show's creators, the family declined to comment.

While on the show, Gina said she participated to overcome stereotypes about conservatives, but on her website and radio show last week, Gina explained that her family moved to California and appeared on the show to be a part of a "culture war."

"I think there comes a time when you look at the culture we're in and you ask yourself the question 'What am I really doing?' We all enjoy calling ourselves culture warriors but how do you really fight that culture war?" she asked.

Conservatives can't fight a culture war by addressing people with similar views and beliefs, said Gina, who has appeared on Fox News and written a book.

"Anytime I have a platform I'm going to take the opportunity to fight for what I believe in. You can't very well call yourself a culture warrior and then be afraid to engage in the battle."

The show is filmed by the company Zodiak USA.

To see the full episode, visit the ABC website.

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