Classic Lindsay.

Some things never change.

Lindsay Lohan was in a San Paolo, Brazil, nightclub on Thursday to promote a clothing line, for which she was paid a reported $100,000 salary … but instead of performing her duties, she decided to hide under a table.

In a photo posted on Twitter, the rehab-bound actress can be seen sitting on a dirty floor under the DJ booth, which is strewn with what appears to be alcoholic beverages. Why? According to the person who took it, Lohan – who looks upset and has her hand on her forehead – didn't want to take photos with any of the fans in attendance, @orgastic_desire wrote in Portuguese.

But she did hit the red carpet for the event in a black T-shirt bearing the clothing line's name, John John, and a silver sequined skirt. With the cameras on her, she blew kisses to the crowd and posed for photos … but once inside, her demeanor changed.

The 26-year-old arrived in the South American country earlier in the day on Thursday with a small entourage, including her new boyfriend, City of the Sun guitarist Avi Snow. It's unclear if he was with her at the club, but there is an unidentified male crouched down in front of her on the floor, perhaps trying to coax her out from under the table.

As for her upcoming 90 days in rehab, LiLo still has a little more partying to get under her belt before she checks in (she must enter by May 2). She reportedly is planning to attend the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California, which kicks off on April 12.

Do you think it's a better idea for her to seek treatment sooner rather than later?


Just looking for a lost contact tbh!